Dec. 22nd, 2012

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... and I'm still not dead. It is a miracle.

And that's not sarcasm, because for the past three months the fridge supplied with this unit has been dying, and has probably been fully dead for about a fortnight. I've been doing my best to eat dried and frozen stuff rather than fresh and for the most part have succeeded but for things like milk, butter, bread and eggs you need refrigeration and the things that have needed refrigeration have been, well, not.

Last Saturday I bought a new fridge and it was delivered today. Already I can see a profound difference (specifically, it froze a tray of ice cubes in 2 hours. The old fridge took 36 hours). So yeah, that's good.

What's also good is that the queen bedroom setting that I bought at the same time was delivered too. It's kind of crazy to say it, but I'm in my mid-thirties and this is the first larger-than-single bed I've ever owned. When I moved out of my parents' house for uni, I took a smaller room in the house I was sharing (lower rent) and I decided I wanted a study desk more than I wanted a bigger bed. Then when I moved to Fortitude Valley, the five-room apartment I was in couldn't fit a double bed in the sleeping nook. When I went to Bardon, again, tiny bedroom. And in my brother's house... are you seeing a pattern here?

So in this house I said, no. Master bedroom is my bedroom. And after I saved up enough for nice furniture, I was going to get some. Because I'm an adult and I want stuff of my own.

And I have. I have a microwave and a washing machine and now a fridge, all new, all mine. I have a dining room table and chairs and a lounge setting, and if they're not black oak or thousand-dollar leather they are sturdy timber and cleanable microfibre and comfy and look good and mine. I have an HD TV with a built-in multiregion DVD player which I think is very nifty. And... I'm starting to sound like those seagulls in Finding Nemo.

And now I have a bedroom setting, bedframe, bedside drawers, six-drawer chest of drawers and then I bought a mattress to go with it, then I bought sheets and pillows and a quilt and a quilt set. And while I have had the pillows and quilt and sheets stashed for the past week, the furniture and mattress arrived today. The drawer sets were all delivered pre-assembled (thank goodness) but me and my trusty little electric drill had to put the bed together (and it didn't come with instructions). Everything has gone together smoothly eventually, but there were a few hairy moments. And I may have killed a few screws. Has anybody else said "Stuff it, I'm redoing this with a new screw" and unscrewed the screw they just put in to find that they somehow managed to bend it thirty degrees putting it into a piece of wood? (Which may be why it wasn't working.)

Also, I beg of you all out there, never try to get a queen mattress up a steep turning staircase by yourself. Learn from my hour-long ordeal of sweat, muscle strain and exhaustion-induced crying jag, and get a friend or the deliveryman to help. I now have done it once. Never again, and don't be stupid enough to copy me even once, okay?

So now it's just the office furniture to turn my second bedroom into the computer room/guest room it ought to be (it now houses my original bed, because having a place for a guest to crash at need is always a good idea, but a single bed doesn't take up that much room). And then, I have everything I want. Well, not everything. But enough, and more than enough.


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