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So, the Saturday night before last, my TV died. It had been on the way out; the in-built DVD player died back in December, so I'd had to hook up my faithful old DVD player to watch videos. But fourteen days ago, the antenna receiver died, so, the only thing it could do was play videos.

So for the past two weeks, it's been no TV. At all. So this afternoon, because I got paid yesterday, it was off to JB HiFi. Who have a special on a particular TV at the moment: $298 for a 32" (81cm) plasma smart TV with a whole lot of features that I can't be bothered reciting at the moment because for me the important parts are TV that accepts A/V devices like DVD and BluRay players and that works. And so tonight, for the first time in two weeks, I caught the news and I watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, because a) broadcast TV, and b)adult Marion. (Don't know why I prefer the Marion of CS to the Marion of RotLA, or any other Indiana Jones girl, but I do.)

So, now... what do I do with my old TV, which is now essentially a video monitor? It is only useable plugged into something else so giving it away or selling it is not an option, and something in me doesn't want to just dump it.


And in happier news, my airline tickets are paid for! My holiday in May is now (almost completely) paid for! (Remaining costs: airport shuttle fare here in Ipswich; airport shuttle fares in Alice Springs; one dinner and two breakfasts in Alice Springs; sleeping bag hire; camel ride and Uluru tour when I'm actually on the trip. Let's round it up and call it $200 for ease of maths.) This is a relief; it's all happening. It's not a pipe dream anymore. I'm really doing this.
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