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Why does everybody say 'chocolate brownies'? They only come in chocolate. Nobody ever makes a plate of vanilla brownies. I'd eat a plate of vanilla brownies. I must work out how to make some.


Why do all the books and TV shows talk about Ben and Jerry's icecream as though it's so wonderful? I just tried it. Bulla's is better. I think Peter's premium is about the same. And it's so sweet! I know icecream's supposed to be sweet, but vanilla is supposed to have a slight tang to it, not sour or bitter but a little kick to remind you that pure vanilla is not sweet at all. It's there in Bulla's and Peter's but there's no vanilla kick in B&J's at all. Before this, I wouldn't have believed that icecream could be too sweet. Live and learn.


Priorities, priorities! What do I buy first?

1. A blender/liquidiser - so many recipes call for pureed fruits and vegetables, not to mention the lure of the homemade smoothie.
2. Flannelette sheets. Winter's coming and I've only got cotton sheets at the moment.
3. Books and DVDs. I have three longish flights ahead of me, I need something to do on the plane.
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