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May. 17th, 2013 11:30 pm
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So it's the tail end of my two-week holiday from work, and I am now going to post about various things...

I went to Uluru. I didn't post about it online, although I was dying to, because the last time I posted about taking a few days away from home, my house got broken into. So yeah. On the insanely unlikely possibility that somebody was cyberstalking me, I chose not to advertise my movements. And when I got home, I hadn't been broken into. So there you go.

There are no words to describe the beauty that is Central Australia. It's odd, but so many Australians haven't seen The Rock; I'm so glad I'm no longer among them. It is strange and contradictory that there's so much there where there is so little to support it, but there are so many trees and plants and living animals. And, of course, the sky! The starkness of the land and sky almost burn with intensity. Not to mention the stars out there. I'm still processing. And my feet are still aching! This isn't a region for the faint- or weak-hearted. Not when the 'short' walk around Uluru is 6.3km!

I already miss the stars out west. They really were glorious! So today I went to the Brisbane Planetarium. It was fun, but the last five minutes of the show, where they discuss the current sky, was distinctly underwhelming. The main show had been on black holes, and I would have thought that the astronomer-in-residence's part would at least point out the location of a few in the current sky, but no, he didn't. Instead he went on about the moon and Jupiter and Saturn. I get that everybody has their own points of interest, but I don't think it would have killed him to point out the other planets, or maybe a few places for meteor showers (isn't this the time of year when the Peliades Meteors start? Okay, that's mostly a northern hemisphere thing, but if there were tons of shooting stars out west (which I saw and loved), why weren't they mentioned?).

I managed to get hold of a multiregion Blueray player yesterday. This is good.

I'm kind of sad that I seem to have been killfiled by absolutely everybody on the Bujold ML. I'd been quiet there lately, but I didn't think I'd managed to piss everybody off to the point where they'd all killfile me. And I can't really ask for an explanation. "Hey, you all are completely ignoring me and my posts, care to tell me why, so I can at least apologise?" doesn't work when they're not going to see it in the first place.

And that's everything up to right now. Tomorrow is another day.
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