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So, it has been over five months since I posted last, and since I have resolved to actually do what I say I'm going to this year (right now, that is: lose weight, start writing again and get a decent job) it makes sense to resume regular journalling, because when I was making time for journalling I was making time for writing.

So, 2014 sucked. I lost my job again, I lost my cat, and I moved back in with my brother. I am glad it's over.

2015 has started with my brother adopting a dog. He's a purebred labrador (he has papers and everything), and for anybody who knows labs, they know what this means. If you don't, I recommend you go watch Marley and Me, and keep in mind that they toned Marley down a lot for that movie. This is not to say that labs aren't adorable, loving, loyal and good-natured; it's just that they are also accidentally-destructive, overenthusiastic boofheads. I'm actually glad my brother has gotten a dog, as we are both of us the sort of people who are happier with pets than without them, but a labrador?

I am hoping 2015 improves significantly. However, looking back at 2014, I am fully away, it could certainly be worse.
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