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I've got a cold.

Of course, I know why; at work I sit directly under the air-conditioning vent, and because it's set for 24 degrees it comes out at about 18 and then when I go outside again the outside temp is between 28 and 32 degrees. A cold or the flu was probably inevitable. But it's still really irritating. I'm pretty sure I'm getting better - the sore throat is gone, my ears are unclogged and I'm sneezing and coughing much less than yesterday - but still. I really don't like being sick.

Life is quiet at the moment - I'm pretty much broke until payday, which has led to an interesting situation - I'm going to have to go a week without my proper Diet Factory (think Lite 'N' Easy, only local and a little bit cheaper) meals. I've already planned out most of my options and I think it'll be fine, but still. This will be interesting, to see how I go when I'm the one doing my calorie planning. (At this point, my opinion is: it's much cheaper when I do it but the food is much more varied and interesting when they are. I'll keep you posted.)


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